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Indictment clarification The Stewart Spencer listed the Hays County Indict- list published In the Feb. 25 edition of the San Marcos lhily Record Is not www.couplandtimes.com 31.01.2016 07:20:10 http://www.couplandtimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Indictment-Clarification1.pdf

February 6 2014 Williamson County TX In Texas property owners can receive a discount on their property taxes on their primary residence as of ... Homestead Exemption and Tax Deferral Filings are Free ... 07.10.2015 05:05:32 http://www.couplandtimes.com/homestead-exemption-and-tax-deferral-filings-are-free/

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Submitted by Jennifer Dollins The Coupland Civic Organization will meet on Monday April 27 in the St. Peter s Church fellowship hall for game night. Coupland Civic Organization THE COUPLAND TIMES 07.10.2015 05:05:32 http://www.couplandtimes.com/tag/coupland-civic-organization/

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The City Council meeting of August 14 covered a wide variety of topics. All of the Aldermen and the Mayor were in attendance but no other citizens attended ... August 2014 THE COUPLAND TIMES 07.10.2015 05:05:32 http://www.couplandtimes.com/2014/08/